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Re: Need help to configure MSA 2040 and DL360e

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Need help to configure MSA 2040 and DL360e


I need help with configure HP DL360e+HP MSA 2040.
We have a server HP dl360e. We plan to buy HP MSA 2040. Is it necessary to buy controller "Single RAID Controller 4x12 SAS" for HP MSA 2040 if we buy and install "HP Smart Array P421 / 1GB FBWC 6Gb 2-ports Ext SAS Controller" in the server HP dl360e? Can we create RAID massive without buing additional RAID controller for HP MSA 2040? Does it work with mSAS-to-mSAS cable?

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Re: Need help to configure MSA 2040 and DL360e

According to HPE SPOCK  the P421 does not show as a supported adapter for the MSA 2040 SAS.  It also says " HP MSA 2040 SAS controller requires a mini-SAS HD connector for host connections. Validate your HBA or Switch connector to purchase the correct cable separately."

Also, I would ask, if you are purchashing new, have you thought about why you want to go down a SAS SAN route? I mean they are fine for the right use cases but iSCSI or FC may provide some more flexibility and expansion options if your environment grows. If you simply need to hook a single server, and only ever a single server, I wonder why you are looking at a SAS SAN versus a dumb SAS JBOD shelf? Do you/will you ever have the need to share this storage with more than one host?


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