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No RAID 1 in MSA1500 possible


No RAID 1 in MSA1500 possible

I've got a problem with our MSA1500.

28x 300 GB SCSI-HDD
Dual-Controllers in Active-Active mode
Array A with spare drive containing of 27 drives
Logical drive 1 (2.0 TB, RAID 5)
Logical drive 2 (2.0 TB, RAID 5)
Free space 3.2 TB

It isn't possible to transform the logical drives to RAID 1+0 and it isn't possible to create such a logical drive using the free space.

I need to do this transformation! Why doesn't it work the way I want it to work?

The attachment contains the report from ACU Diagnostics.

Martin Smoral
Trusted Contributor

Re: No RAID 1 in MSA1500 possible

It should work but it seems to me you dont have enough Free Space. To convert 2TB of Data to Raid10 you will need at least 4TB of free Space(you only have 3.2TB). you might even more than 4TB showing free because the Raid10 set can only use a even number of drivers for mirroring and you have a odd number of usable drives. So the free space of the 1 odd drive cannot be used.