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Not able to access drive on MSA1000 SAN

Mukund Desai
Occasional Contributor

Not able to access drive on MSA1000 SAN

I have total 5 ML570 G3 servers,win2003server installed on that, one of those is domain controller and two machines are the nodes of windows cluster (active passive).

I am only able to access the SAN drive (storage)from cluster nodes, actually I need to store data from all the 5 servers.

Pau Garcia i Quiles
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Re: Not able to access drive on MSA1000 SAN

Did you check all the servers are in the same domain in the fiber switch?

Did you check SSP?

If you are trying to access the same volume from several nodes of the cluster, you'd better double check those two things or you'll have corrupted files every time you reboot one of the servers or the SAN.
James Muell
Valued Contributor

Re: Not able to access drive on MSA1000 SAN

The only way external hosts (hosts not part of the cluster) can access a clustered drive is by mapping a network connection to it when its on the active node, however External hosts will not see the drive after a failover.

It sounds like you want to have a file share on the MSA1000. If you have other disks, you could:
Create a separate disk group with a separate array and turn it into a file share resource for the other nodes and they would map to a virtual file share all the time. This would have to be setup so as to not affect the existing clustered resources.