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Obtaining disks for a MSA2012fc

Joshua Small_2
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Obtaining disks for a MSA2012fc

Hey guys,


I have a first generation MSA2012fc with a 3.5" enclosure (AJ750A), and need to add some HDD capacity to it.


The quickspecs page here lists supported disks:


Unfortunately, none of the listed SAS disks are still sold.


The G2 of the MSA discussed here:


Supports the exact same AJ750A enclosure, and all the disks the G1 supports. It does however, also support AP860A, a 600GB SAS disk that is still available for purchase.


There's a feeling that, surely if the enclosure supports this disk, you would heavily expect it to work in the G1 SAN. I'm aware HP often avoid updating quickspec pages once a piece of hardware is superceeded, and this doesn't mean it won't work.


Has anyone had any experience with newer drives in this system?