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Optimal disk config - MSA 2042 + 21 * 1.2TB HDDs

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Optimal disk config - MSA 2042 + 21 * 1.2TB HDDs

The hardware I have (for a small Vmware install) is:

MSA 2040
21 x 1.2TB HDD
2 x 400GB SSD

My original idea was to create a big Raid10 of 20 disks (+ hot spare) and use Performance Tiering with a mirror of SSDs.

Now i have used the unit, I see I will need 2 x Disk groups (Raid10) in order to use all the disks.

HP best practise says to split Disk Groups/Pools across controllers (i.e A & B) but if I do that, I can only use the Performance tier (SSD) on one of the Pools.


So, my quesiton: is it better to have two Pools split across controllers and just accept that only one pool will benefit from the SSD tier (I may label in VMware "Datastore1 Perf" or something)

Or should I create one Pool comprised of 2 Disk groups + SSD tier (i.e all on the one contorller) so that all disks benefit from SSD tier?
Note: We wont be buying more disks.





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Re: Optimal disk config - MSA 2042 + 21 * 1.2TB HDDs

Pretty quiet in here..


If anyone cares - I ended up making 2 x Pools and just used SSD Perf Tier on the one Pool (Pool A)

I named the resultant VMware datatores xx-Gold & xx-Silver