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Optimizing EVA5000

Johan Christensson
Occasional Contributor

Optimizing EVA5000

Hi everyone!

We have "sort of" a EVA5000 that we feel are not preforming what chould be expected. With sort of I meen that this is compiled from a number of broken EVA5000 so we don't have any support from HP.

The setup is like this:
2xHSV110 controllers with v3.110 firmware
3xDisk enclosures with 14x146GB 10k disk each
2xHP StorageWorks 2/8 SAN switches

Connected to this we have two DL580G3 running ESXi 3.5. Both of the servers have two HP branded QLogic QLA2340 HBA's. Firmware unknown.

No special configuration in the switch like Zoning etc.

Now, I understand that there chould be a milion reasons why this seems a bit slow, but I would apriciate if I chould get som tips on how to improve the preformance. It may very well be that the problem is something with the ESX server, but I have to start somewhere.

The tests I have done is that we have a virtual Windows 2008 server running on both ESX machines. If I copy a file of say 2GB between them it takes about 20 minutes. If I copy the same file from a physical Windows 2008 server from one of the virtual machines over the network the same file is transfered in about 4-5 minutes.

I have tryed to look at the preformance graph in the switchen, but the dosen't seem to work that well, but I have never seen them go over 10MB/s.

Any ideas or tips?

Best regards,
Johan Christensson

Sylvain De Almeida
New Member

Re: Optimizing EVA5000


Maybe you have to read first the best practices white papers for eva5000
and check if some best pratice can optimize the performance.