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P2000 - Expand Volume not recognized by Computer manager

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Renato Marchesani
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P2000 - Expand Volume not recognized by Computer manager

Hello everyone,

I recently expanded a Vdisk (and subsequent Volume) adding a 600GB disk to a total size of 2.4 TB (previously it was 1.8TB)


Everything seems fine in SMU but, when I try to expand the volum on the server connected to this LUN, I see this:

The disk is a Simple Volume/Dynamic Disk. I already tried deleting and recreating the target in iSCSI Initiator, without success.

How can I expand the mapped disk on the server? Is there anything I have to do on SMU?

Thanks in advance



Re: P2000 - Expand Volume not recognized by Computer manager



I understand that you have expanded one vdisk with 600GB drive but have you verified that vdisk expansion completed or not?


As per the SMU guide please find the following,


You can expand the capacity of a vdisk by adding disks to it, up to the maximum number of disks that the storage system supports. Host I/O to the vdisk can continue while the expansion proceeds. You can then create or expand a volume to use the new free space, which becomes available when the expansion is complete. You can expand only one vdisk at a time. The RAID level determines whether the vdisk can be expanded and the maximum number of disks the vdisk can have.


Please note that expansion can take hours or days to complete, depending on the vdisk's RAID level and size, disk speed, utility priority, and other processes running on the storage system. You can stop expansion only by deleting the vdisk.


You may have to wait until the vdisk expansion complete before you can use the space.


If you share the store.logs file over here...I can verify the same for you.

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