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P2000 FC and Hosts


P2000 FC and Hosts

Hi all,


we have a P2000 with 2 FC controllers, 1x FC Switch, 2 DL380 Hosts with 2 FC interfaces per host.

for migrations reasons both p2000 controllers with the 4x FC ports are connected with the FC switch.

and the both hosts with 4x FC interfaces are connected with switch as well.


Now the migration is done and I would like to reconnect the P2000 and the hosts for redundancy reasons.

I will connect the both hosts with the both p2000 controller without using the fabric switch.


see the attachment


My question is, do i have to pay attention on something? I mean all the luns should be ok after the reconneting the fc cable and my vmware server and connecte luns should be online after the restart

Thanks all

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Re: P2000 FC and Hosts

If you don't have explicite mapping and port topology set to auto you should see the array from the server side.

Hope this helps!

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Re: P2000 FC and Hosts

cool thanks!

I think I will try to do that online, without downtime

I mean

Step 1 To connect the P2000 "A" Controller to both Hosts direct, without fabric switch

wait some minutes and do the same with controller "B"

I think it should be possible or what do you think?