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P2000 Firmware upgrade guide?

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P2000 Firmware upgrade guide?

Does anyone know of a link which would give best practices in updating P2000 firmware:

I.E. IF I have a P2000 which has 3 year old firmware, am i able to upgrade directly to the latest firmware, or do I need to upgrade to to a certain firmware level before updating to the latest.

I also have a question on the partner firmware upgrade. According to HP its best not to use it, and to upgrade one controller at a time, however it needs to be enabled if you use the firmware upgrade tool or SUM.

Any ideas what the best to use?

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Re: P2000 Firmware upgrade guide?

P2000 firmware is always a sad story ...



You can update directly, but you need to find the appropriate files for the array itself, the expansion boxes and the disk drives.


I prefer the update via ftp, this is the fastest.


The windows update utility will enable PFU by itself, it updates the first controller via ftp, then anables PFU and updates the partner via partner update (this takes around 90min).

Hope this helps!

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Re: P2000 Firmware upgrade guide?

Thanks Torsten


I thought so, hopefully they'll make it easier one day.

P2000 is a bit of a nightmare, epecially ones with older firmware.