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P2000 G3.. Adding additional enclosures

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P2000 G3.. Adding additional enclosures

We currently have one P2000 G3 SFF with FC modules that is connect to another P2000 G3 LFF with I/O Modules.


I'm wanting to add a third which is a P2000 G3 SFF that has iSCSI modules in it. Can I simply take out the iSCSI modules and put in I/O modules? The only I/O modules I could find always say it is for the LFF enclosure (AP844A, and AP844B).


If I can just buy two of those modules and put in my SFF enclosure, then can I simply plug up the new one to my SAN without any downtime? Both of our current ones are running dual modules

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Re: P2000 G3.. Adding additional enclosures

According to HP Quickspecs, the P2000 G3 SFF explicitly does not support I/O modules:

The solution for adding SFF drive shelves to an existing P2000 SAN is to use the D2700 enclosure.

FYI, the D2700 uses the same drives as the P2000 G3 SFF, so you could reuse the drives you have housed in the P2000 G3 SFF if you wanted to avoid buying new drives.
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Re: P2000 G3.. Adding additional enclosures

Dang that kind of sucks but thank you for the information. I'll just get a D2700