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P2000 G3 - Changing LUN Mapping


P2000 G3 - Changing LUN Mapping



Originally, when vDisks were created, only A1 and B1 FC ports were used. I've now plugged A2 and B2 into a second FC switch but the mapping is still showing every vDisk only on A1 and B1. Do I need to update the mapping manually and will this cause access to these LUNs to drop for a period of time?


In vSphere, rather than seeing LUNs through the 2nd HBA port, I can see the enclosures (see attached). I'm not sure if this is related to the above mapping but I'm guessing it is.


The documentation states that for performance you should map every vDisk to every port on the owning controller. For redundancy you should map every vDisk to at least 1 port on multiple controllers. If I map every vDisk to all ports (A1, A2, B1 and B2), I assume access to a given LUN will only go via the owning controller anyway (eg. A1 and A2) hence there is no performance penalty?


Appreciate any help.


Re: P2000 G3 - Changing LUN Mapping

I will change the mapping/s as that should fix the issue. Where should I make the change so every volume/vdisk is mapped to every host on every FC port? There seems to be multiple locations where the change can be made and I'm not sure if there is a difference.


I do not want to change any LUN numbers!


  • vDisk > Provisioning > Map Volumes
  • vDisk > Provisioning > Map Volume Defaults
  • vDisk > volume_name > Provisioning > Default Mappings
  • vDisk > volume_name > Provisioning > Explicit Mappings
  • Hosts > host_name > Provisioning > Manage Host Mappings