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P2000 G3, DL580G5 using SAS

Emanuele Pozzobon
Occasional Contributor

P2000 G3, DL580G5 using SAS

I have two (2) HP DL580 G5 with four (4) QCore processor per server.

I have a limit of budget then I I hope to deploy a SAN infrastructure
with SAS connectivity.

I would like to acquire a StorageWorks P2000 G3 to deploy a SAN
infrastructure for data and apps using VMware vSphere Essentials+ Kit.

My dream is to connect the two servers HPDL580G5 to the P2000 G3 using
the HBA SC08e (PN SC08e 6Gb 2-ports Ext PCIe SAS HBA PN 614988-B21)
but unfortunately I have seen on the quickspecs this adapter is NOT
declared compatible with my servers.

Is this HBA SC08e really NOT compatible with HP DL580G5?

IT Office
Municipality of Vedelago.
PS Sorry for my english. This is my first post on a forum.

Emanuele Pozzobon
Occasional Contributor

Re: P2000 G3, DL580G5 using SAS

I (re)submit the problems asking if there is any HBA SAS 6Gb (a brand

different from HP is the same) compatible with HP DL580G5 and

Storage Works P2000 G3 SAS.