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P2000 G3 Expansion\Upgrade Options

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P2000 G3 Expansion\Upgrade Options

We orignally purchased an MSA 2012i a.k.a. P2000 G1 and have since done the in-place controller upgrade to a P2000 G3.

I realize the SAS backplane is still 3G SAS.


We're out of space, and want to expand with an additional chassis, but the P2000 G3 is both end of life, and not supported by VMware vSphere 6.0


According to the documents I can find, I could attach a D2700 expansion chassis today to get extra storage for the short term, however my vendor is saying only the P2000 expansion boxes are supported.


What I need to know, is...


A) Is it true that the D2700 will work with our current chassis (it shows compatable with the G3)

B) Is the D2700 compatable with the MSA 2040 (it appears to be)

C) Can we move the D2700 enclosure from the P2000 to the 2040 in the future and RETAIN the vdisks/volumes/data


Thanks in advance.

Shiraj Fernando
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Re: P2000 G3 Expansion\Upgrade Options



You can find the details for supported and unsupported upgrades on the following White Paper:


Upgrading to the HP MSA 1040 or HP MSA 2040 -


Hope this helps.




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Re: P2000 G3 Expansion\Upgrade Options

Thanks, I've seen that article.


What it doesn't mention, is that if you have a MSA G1 or G2 chassis, you cannot upgrade the controllers in it.

You must have originally purchased a P2000 G3 chassis, in order to upgrade the controllers in-place to 1040/2040.


Unless I'm not understanding this correctly, but that's what I've been told and have read.


By the way, I believe I did finally get the answer from our vendor.  I had to force it out of them, as I think they wanted to sell a new SAN instead.


A) Yes

B) Yes

C) Not sure