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P2000 G3 FC Dual controller to two fc switches

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P2000 G3 FC Dual controller to two fc switches

Is there any recommendation for connecting the FC ports on a P2000 G3 to Two different switches? (switches are not connected, they are separate fabics.)


I currently connect A1 and B1 to Switch 1, and A2 and B2 to Switch 2.  I use MPIO with Round Robin Subset on my clients - and this provides two Active Optimized, and two active Unoptimized paths as expected.


Is there any reason to connect A1 and B2 to switch 1, and A2 and B1 to Switch 2?


All of my zoning in the switches are Single Initiator to Single target, so the zones start to accumulate quickly.


Are fc cabling recomendations the same for a dual controller msa 2040?

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Re: P2000 G3 FC Dual controller to two fc switches

I'm not 100% sure how the ports are labeled, but you need to connect each controller to each switch for redundancy.


ControllerA port1 to switch1

ControllerA port2 to switch2

ControllerB port1 to switch1

ControllerB port2 to switch2


and so on.

Hope this helps!

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