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P2000 G3 FC ERROR ": The firmware version is not compatible, HP SPS-CHASSIS 2028"

Iain Binnie

P2000 G3 FC ERROR ": The firmware version is not compatible, HP SPS-CHASSIS 2028"



I attempted to upgrade the controller fimrware (unsucesfully) on one of our P2000 G3 FC units and am now left in a state with one controller working and one not.


I done this using the fimeare package by running the executable and connecting to the IP of controller A first, the pacakge appeared to be delivered sucesfully (I foolishly did not logon to the controller just saw that the GUI was back up) , I then moved onto controller B which also ran sucefully.


I tried to connect to controller A and the GUI refused my password , although I know it  was correct. So I logged onto GUI B and fro there I could see tat controller A was erroring with the messgae "I/O module A, I/O module status: The firmware version is not compatible, HP SPS-CHASSIS 2028".


Checking the firmware version in the GUI via Tool -> Firmware update I could see that Controller A version was not the smae but also it seeems to be incomplete as you can see in the attached file, as the controller code versio is "Unknown" as is the controller loader version.


Initially partner firmware version was not enabled so I have enabled this and ran the upgrade on controller B but it has not helped.


I cannot connect to controller A from the fimrware upgrade .exe or the SAN Loader tool ?


What can I now do to fix the fimrware issue as I think the controller firmware did not fully load perhaps due to comms or a power glitch on the contrller ?


Any help is apreciated ?


All disk are showing as degraded as per the attachment


Many thanks


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Re: P2000 G3 FC ERROR ": The firmware version is not compatible, HP SPS-CHASSIS 2028"

Sound like you managed to install incompatible firmwares. I did this too. Here's how I fixed it:


Disable PFU

Login to the controller with the newest FW

Downgrade it to the same firmware as the other controller

Verify that the controllers have identical firmware using the webgui (if it works) or the SMU (show version+show controllers+show enclosures)

Shutdown a controller

Remove that controller, physically

Wait 5 minutes and reinstall the controller

Wait 5 minutes

Login to the replaced controller using SMU. Check if it's running (show controllers). If it's not, start it (restart sc a|b)

When it's started, compare "show controllers" on both controllers.

If the controllers report the other controller as "down", restart the other controller too

You should now have a working system - use the webbgui to do a "check system links".


You can now continue FW upgrades. You shouldn't move too fast, this is the required steps:

TC220 -> TC230

TC230 -> TC250

TC250 -> TC252