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P2000 G3 FC Replication

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P2000 G3 FC Replication

Hello community



I´d appreciate your help.


We had 2 Systems P2000 g3 fc, replicating 10 volumes.


I detected one snap pool too large and I deleted it to recreate it following the HP procedure, but after all the replication tasks stopped. No error messages were shown. 

I did everything, I even deleted the vdisk and recreated all volumes and replication sets in the target P2000.


Strangely, I can replicate each volume if I do it inmediately but, it does not work when I schedule it at any time. It only works if the replication is inmediate.

We can not reboot the source p2000 for now, because It is a productive system.


Could anyone help with this issue?



Best Regards...(sorry about my english)