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P2000 G3 FC - issue with SMTP alerts

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P2000 G3 FC - issue with SMTP alerts

Hello :)

I have issues with sending alerts from HP MSA.

I have few boxes installed in diffrent locations, and I have noticed, that all boxes with old firmware, are able to send alerts,
but with newer version - alerts are not send.
Is it possible, that there is some bug in new firmware?
Setting are the same, SMTP server address is visible from storage - ping is working.
Any idea, what to check more?


This is sending:

Storage Controller Code Version: T201P04
Storage Controller Code Baselevel: T201P04


This one is not:

Storage Controller Code Version: T230P03
Storage Controller Code Baselevel: T230P03

Storage Controller Code Version: T230R30
Storage Controller Code Baselevel: T230R30


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John Kufrovich
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Re: P2000 G3 FC - issue with SMTP alerts


What is your Email Notification Domain server settings?