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Re: P2000 G3 Increase Cooling

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P2000 G3 Increase Cooling


Does anyone know how to increase the cooling, or overriding the default speeds.  GUI\CLI?

The memory controller Temp A / B are around 70-74 degrees and producing warnings.

The fans are consist spinning at 380-ish RPM and capable of running much higher.

All my fans are working and no faults present, just overworked unit.

Left/Right PSU temp is 39 and onboard temp are around 53-55, so seems like the controller cards are cooking.

Im happy to increase the cooling to max as its sitting in the corner of a datacentre in the dark.  I have no warrenty left, so happy to apply any hacks until the unit dies.

Any help would be amazing.



Re: P2000 G3 Increase Cooling


There is no command to increase the cooling or speed of the fans. However, check where the unit is sitting to make sure there is proper air flow. You mention sitting in a corner. Be sure that the system can draw air in the front and blow air out the back without any obsturctions. Often if you can clear cables, wires or other objects from the back of the system it will help lower the temperature. I have seen units where there is so much blockage at the back of the system the hot air was being recyled back into the array.


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