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P2000 G3 MSA ISCSI firmware upgrade path (from TS240P003)

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P2000 G3 MSA ISCSI firmware upgrade path (from TS240P003)


    just a couple of hopefully straightforward questions


1. I have a couple of P2000 G3 ISCSI enclosures with 600GB LFF drives. Currently running TS240P003. We keep getting periodic PSU alerts on them that one of the supplies has lost power for a second or two. I am guessing these may be a bug with the existing firmware so I was planning to update it (also i believe this version went EOL in March 2014). I was hoping someone could confirm the correct upgrade path.... The latest version is TS252R007 but in the notes it states I should first update to a TS250XXX release. I've located TS250P003. Would it be ok to from TS240P003 -> TS250P003 -> TS252R007  or are there intermediate versions I should go to first?


2. Can anyone point me to the definitive link for downloading the firmware. Whenever I try and search via product for it i can never find a thing (these firmwares were found via google). 


thanks everyone.



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Re: P2000 G3 MSA ISCSI firmware upgrade path (from TS240P003)

From TC230 you can upgrade to TC250 and then TC252. Make sure you have partner firmware upgrade activated


To find firmware, yes I agree that's not very easy on - download drivers


seach for P2000 g3

don't select "HP P2000 G3 iSCSI MSA Array System Controller" or any bundle

select HP P2000 G3 iSCSI MSA Dual Controller SFF Array System (or "LFF" if that's what you have).

Select an operating system. Different OS versions have different firmware - for example, ESX4 will probably not have the lastest FW, and ESX5 will not have the older FW.

Same goes for disk firmware, you need to search the OS options to find the FW for your disks. There is no complete list of all disks for the P2000, that I know of. Searching for the disk model number doesn't work, you wont find the correct FW files (.fla files).