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P2000 G3 Maximum disks

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P2000 G3 Maximum disks

I'm obviouslly missing something but i'm reading that as an LFF i can have 96 disks and 7 enclousures.


I have 7 enclourses (12 disks each) totalling 84 disks with no spaces? so how do i get an extra 12 disks to get to the mystical 96 ? 


Can i really have 8 enclousures, or is one of my enclousures not really an enclousure?

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Re: P2000 G3 Maximum disks

The quickspecs say max. disks are 96 LFF/149 SFF.


7 JBODs LFF with 12 disks each are 84 + 12 disks in controller chassis are 96.


5 JBODS SFF with 25 disks each are 125 + 24 disks in controller chassis are 149.

Hope this helps!

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Re: P2000 G3 Maximum disks

it supports for 96LFF disks.

1 Controller Enclosure (12 LFF disks) + 7 Disk Enclosures (84 LFF disks)..


so you can add one more enclosure to get total 96disks space.