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P2000 G3 Migrating to MSA1040

Carlos EMG
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P2000 G3 Migrating to MSA1040

I´m on a tight budget and need to migrate to a new storage as mine is no longer under warranty and costs to renew are absurd, I just want to know if the disks on the P2000 G3 are compatible with the MSA1040, of course them being the same form factor (3.5"/SAS), reading the "Upgrading to the HPE MSA 1040 or HPE MSA 2040" its seems they are compatible but I just need to be sure.


The plans is not to just change the controller but buy the whole MSA1040


The HD I have on the P2000 G3 are:


AP860A - HP P2000 600GB 6G SAS 15K LFF (3.5 inch) DP ENT HDD

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Re: P2000 G3 Migrating to MSA1040


you might have chosen the wrong forum. The Storage Essentials Support forum refers to the HP Software Product Storage Essentials or Storage Operations Manager. Your questions seems to require answers from some HP Hardware Team. Probably you can check if there is also a hardware forum which might help you to answer these questions.

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Re: P2000 G3 Migrating to MSA1040

Hello Carlos,

I agree with Dieter.  This is not the correct forum for your question.

I have a P2000 G3 within my lab.  It sounds like you are trying to physically move the drives from the P2000 to the MSA.

If you have drives in both arrays and plan on moving the data across without risking the existing drive configurations, then I would say it should work.  If you are talking about physically moving the physical drives from one array to another, then I would say no.  The controllers configure the RAID configuration and that could cause a serious problem.

In either case, I suggest, like Dieter, that you contact the HPE Storage HW team to ask your question.



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Carlos EMG
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Re: P2000 G3 Migrating to MSA1040

Thank you and sorry for the mistake!

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Re: P2000 G3 Migrating to MSA1040

Hi Carlos,

Online migration from your existing P2000 G3 to a new MSA 1040 or 2040 should work fine as we do support 6Gb SAS drives in both platforms.  One of the hallmarks of the MSA family has been what we call "data in place" upgrades that allow you to move drives from generation MSA to a new generation.  


Here's a link to the upgrade white paper:

I have not personally done the data in place upgrade myself so be sure to talk to your HPE rep or channel partner before you proceed.  Lastly, I'm as I type putting the finishing touches on a blog post talking about what's new with the MSA. . It should be live in the next 30 minutes or so as I'm just checking for typos.  

Let me know if you have more questions.