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P2000 G3 Remote Snap - Bandwidth

Ed Bourne
Occasional Contributor

P2000 G3 Remote Snap - Bandwidth

Hi All,

Got a customer using one of these (4x 1Gb iSCSI) as a XenServer SR who wants to do Remote Snap replication to his second site. His link to the other site is a 10Mb/s MPLS.

Just wondering if anyone's got any experience using this over relatively low bandwidth links...? The docs suggest replication between geographically-separate sites as a use case, but give no indication of bandwidth requirements whatsoever!

I realise it's one of those 'piece of string' questions in as much as it depends on how much changes on disk between snapshots, but it would be good to get an idea of what others have been able to do. 

Cheers - Ed