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P2000 G3 SAN network config

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P2000 G3 SAN network config

Where can I find the SAN configuration Best Practices for the Network side.  My P2000 G3 has 8-1Gbps ports and they all need IP addresses,  I need to know if they should be all on the same subnet or divided up.  Are there are different recommendations for different goals or just one recommened setup?


Initially I need to run a 3-node Hyper-v cluster, each with 4 dedicated iSCSI Nics configured for MPIO.

I will also have a few file servers with vdisks and maybe a SQL server.


Also intersted in procurve 2910 Best Practices, flow control, jumbo packets and such



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: P2000 G3 SAN network config

Link to P2000 G3 Best Practices:

HP SAN Design Reference Guide can also help you.