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P2000 G3 SAS performance problems

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P2000 G3 SAS performance problems

Hi forums!


We've currently got a P2000 SAN setup like this:

P2000 G3 SAS, dual controller, 12 x 2TB SAS 7.2k rpm

2 x D2700 connected to the G3, following the HP guidelines for failover connecting (works great btw!).

Running latest firmware on all equipment.


We're currently looking into upgrading our old SQL 2000 server, which currently has 10 x 146gb 15k SAS drives in RAID10 for the database, 2 x 146gb 10k for the logs and tempdb. 

In this upgrade we're thinking about swapping the HDDs for SSDs, and have done some testing with 4 x OCZ Vertex 4 Max IOPS edition (Indilinx based).

Running these in RAID0 (just for testing) I notice that their transfer speed in the Storage Management Utility of the P2000 is anywhere between 150Mbit and 300Mbit. Never the 600Mbit that the drives support. Running SQLIO tests of the drives suggest they run at a much slower speed aswell, roughly 5500IOPS, compared to 11000IOPS on the same drives, fitted on a cheap Intel onboard controller that only supports 150mbit.


I realize the drives are probably not on the HCL of the P2000, but shouldn't they atleast outperform a shoddy Intel software controller?


If the OCZ's are not a viable choice (We've only had very good experience with them so far, fitted around 100 Vertex 3 and 4 the past couple of years, only one failed), which would be the drive of choice for the P2000?

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Re: P2000 G3 SAS performance problems