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P2000 G3 disk HUS156060VLS600 discontinued

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P2000 G3 disk HUS156060VLS600 discontinued

Hello guys,

I have a P2000 G3 storage with Hitachi drives.

At some time a disk presented a problem and the then I made contact with a supplier of the region. By default, we always bought the model that already came from the factory "HUS156060VLS600 Spare 601777-001".

The supplier informed us that Hitachi informed him that they no longer manufacture this model and said that the option would be the "HUC156060CSS200", but that disk is smaller!

As the equipment is old, I do not know if HP would update its documentation when a model is no longer manufactured and others enter as substitutes.

Would you like an opinion, this disk smaller than 2.5 would be a correct option to use? or would we go to one of the ST3600057SS or EH0600JDYTL?

Thank you for your great support!


Re: P2000 G3 disk HUS156060VLS600 discontinued

Hello Paulo!

I would suggest you visit the MSA Drive Firmware page (  On this page, you can search (Ctrl-F) for the spare part number, 601777-001.   You will find two drives under this spare part number:    HUS156060VLS600 & ST3600057SS.    

If you are unable to locate a HUS156060VLS600, then I would recommend using the ST3600057SS.    Both of these drives are LFF drives (3.5 Inch).  These drives are equivalents and that is why the share the same spare part number.


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