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P2000 G3 disk replacement procedure after failed disk

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Daniel Kleeman

P2000 G3 disk replacement procedure after failed disk

We had a failed disk in a RAID6 vdisk made up of 450 GB disks. Our global hot spare (which is a 600 GB disk) correctly inserted itself into the array. We now have a replacement 450 GB disk in the enclosure and we have configured it as a dedicated spare for the vdisk, which has the health status  'OK'.


We need to release the 600 GB disk for global hot spare duties. What is the correct procedure for bringing the 450 GB replacement disk back into the array safely?





Daniel Kleeman

Re: P2000 G3 disk replacement procedure after failed disk

The answer from HP support is to pull the old global spare out of the enclosure once the new disk is configured as a dedicated spare.


1. Wait for the array to become healthy (not degraded).

2. Add the replacement disk and configure it as a dedicated spare.

3. Physically pull the global spare and wait for the system to start using the dedicated spare disk.

4. Replace the global spare disk. It will show up as 'leftover' (LEFTOVR).

5. Clear the metadata on the leftover disk (Menu: top level: Tools: 'Clear disk metadata').

6. Re-add the disk as a global hot spare (Menu: Top level: Provisioning: 'Manage Global Spares').


Re: P2000 G3 disk replacement procedure after failed disk


i have HP p2000 G3 FC SAN, Since yesterday i am getting the below warning. 


 An error was reported by a disk drive. (disk: channel: 0, ID: 37, SN: CZWB6T8L, enclosure: 2, slot: 6) (Key,Code,Qual:0x3,0x11,0x0) (CDB:Rd 00000080 0001)(Info:0x00000080)(CmdSpc:0x0, FRU:0x0, SnsKeySpc:0x4D)(Medium Error, unrecovered read error)

 EVENT ID:#B1875


Additional Information:

  A disk drive reset itself due to an internal logic error.



Recommended Action:

  - The first time this event is logged with Warning severity, if the indicated disk is not running the latest firmware, update the disk firmware.

  - If this event is logged with Warning severity for the same disk more than five times in one week, and the indicated disk is running the latest firmware, replace the disk.


Note : I have One Hard disk as a Global Spare in  (slot 12). 

can i know how to the full  step of replacement of the faulty disk number 6 & use the spare which is in slot 12.

Note : do i need to shutdown the san or i can be online..