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P2000 G3 firmware update

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Edmund White
Frequent Advisor

Re: P2000 G3 firmware update

No major issues, except I have the following error on my P2000 G3:


"At least one of the controllers has an unsupported firmware version. Please contact HP support before upgrading."


This is with firmware version: TS240P004-02



Occasional Contributor

Re: P2000 G3 firmware update

Thanks for the reply.


Is everything running okay with that error showing up?

Have you called HP regarding that error?

Brett Emery

Re: P2000 G3 firmware update

A word of warning, I updated from TS240P003 to TS240P004-02 and since two major issues have come up.   I cannot pull diagnostic logs otherwise the MC's will crash.    I also cannot make any volume mapping changes without corruption of which hosts (HBA) are mapped.    


HP required this firmware upgrade after a failed controller was replaced.  Please note that Partner Firmware Update should be enabled before replacing a controller, as the 'new' controller had older firmware which took over storage and wiped out many configuration settings, such as the manage password for example.   Had Partner Firmware Update been enabled the 'new' controller would have been updated by the existing controller before going into service.  Using the Online for Windows utility to update firmware has great success, as it does one controller at a time.

Occasional Visitor

Re: P2000 G3 firmware update

Hello everybody!

I've got the powercycle during the flash operation.

Now the FTP responds but not flashing.

Here's the FTP session log. I don't know waht to do.

ftp> put "C:\TS251P006-02.bin" flash
200 PORT command successful
150 Connecting to port 58747
226-File Transfer Complete. Starting Operation:
Checking component list
mc bundle component check passed.
Checking bundle integrity...
Initial mc file integrity checks passed.
Checking system health.
System health check complete. Health state: Unknown
Stopping Management Controller applications.
Starting message server
STATUS: Code Load Failure
The application is not able to communicate with the
storage controller. Verify the storage controller on this
FRU is operating correctly, then retry your request.

This management controller will now reboot.
appsv down
Successfully unmounted /cfg filesystem
mtdblockd not running