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P2000 G3 global spares disks


P2000 G3 global spares disks

I cannot assign different drives types and sizes as global spares on a P2000 G3. We have several vdisks some using SATA drives and some using SAS drives. We would like to configure global spares of both types of drives but get the error :

Unable to modify the global spare settings

A virtual disk cannot contain mixed disk types


This used to be possible on MSA2000 and MSA2000 G2 models...

It seems we could use the dynamic spares option but would rather specify the global spare disks individually.


Any ideas?

Regular Advisor

Re: P2000 G3 global spares disks

Maybe the spare disk of P2000 G3 is designed in this way.

Do not waste your time in doubts and fears.