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P2000 G3 iSCSI + win 2008 r2 MPIO problems

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P2000 G3 iSCSI + win 2008 r2 MPIO problems

I have a P2000 G3 iSCSI with 8 iscsi ports (4 per controler). 


when i use Microsfot ISCSI initiator with 1 port per controller  A1 and B1 for example, I get half the speed if i was to  connect those same wires to  A1 and A2. 

When i use 2 ports in the same controller A1 and A2 ... I double my throughput. 


My lun is on Controller A 

port A1 is

port  A2 is 

Port B1 is

Port B2 is 

and so on. (t i think is the recommended HP configuration).


Mpio will work over the two networks with good throughput ONLY if i use 2 ports from controller A.. and not if i mix ports between controllers. 


You can imagine this is a problem if you want them to be controller redundant ! 


if i use 2 ports from controller A and add 1 or 2 connections from controller B ... Throughput  gets cut in half. 


So, my problem is at any time i add a port in in the ISCSI initiator that is from a different controller, I get half the speed.


I know is confusing, but something is wrong and can`t figure it out.


Help appreciated !!!




John Kufrovich
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Re: P2000 G3 iSCSI + win 2008 r2 MPIO problems



Based off your description, it sounds like you are attempting to direct attach your iscsi connection to the array.  That isn't supported.


.If you use network switches, properly configure initiator, the controller owning will the volume will have two optimized paths and two unoptimized. 



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Re: P2000 G3 iSCSI + win 2008 r2 MPIO problems

John, thank you for your prompt answer ! 


I have a Cisco 4006 switch betwen the switches and the blades (7000c)



P2000 ---- Cisco 4006--- trunkto blade--- Blade-- 460 with 2008 iscsi initiator.


1 controller will have two ports optimized and 2 not ? or 2 controllers with 2 ports each ?


My objective is to have 2 ports to the controller that owns the volume and 1 or 2 to the B controller as backup. 

And if i plug 1 to each controller, i get half speed as if i plug both to the same controller.



Thanks again !! 



John Kufrovich
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Re: P2000 G3 iSCSI + win 2008 r2 MPIO problems


You don't have a problem.


Are you viewing the task manager and watching your NIC ports, perhaps your MPIO policy is taking advantage of extra nic port when you  connect the second MSA HOST port.


Proper configuration should be,


Controller ports A1/B1 going to switch 1 (zone 1)  and Controller ports A2/B2 going two Switch 2 (zone 2). 

Server nic port 1, going to switch 1 and Server nic port 2 to switch 2. 


Let's say,

MSA Controller A owns volume vd01_v001

MSA Controller B owns volume vd02_v001


Server MPIO policy settings should be RoundRobin, you should see 4 paths per controller volume, 2 optimized and 2 un-optimized.  For example, vd01_v001, 2 optimized are A1/A2 and un-optimized are B1/B2. There is network redundancy, if you lose a optimized path you still have the other.  If a controller A should crash, Controller B will assume ownership of Controller A volumes.  If you don't see four paths then you need to finish adding the other paths in ISCSI initiator.