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P2000 G3 not being recognized

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P2000 G3 not being recognized

Hi all,


First timer in these forums :-)


The situation

So we have a C7000 blade enclosure with 1 Brocade 4/24 FC Blade SAN switch and an old CS1500 MSA SAN.

All our blades use emulex 4GB HBA's and everything is working fine. We now need to migrate to the new p2000 g3 blade system so the plan is to attach the second SAN into the brocade and attach the new volumes to blades.


I have quickly configured the P2000 and created a couple of volumes and connected one of the 4 FC ports to the Brocade switch.  At this point I would expect that the controller should now appear in the HP Array configuration utility on each of the blades but all I am seeing is the 1500 and the internal p410i's  When I click on "Hosts" on the P2000 it IS showing all the HBA addresses of the blades.


As it happens we also have a DL380 with a spare HBA installed,  I have tried a fiber direct from the P2000 into the DL380 (Completely bypassing the Switch) and again the controller does not appear in the HP ACU. 


I am sure this is something silly I have missed and honestly.... I have no idea


Thanks for your time in advance!

Frank Van Riet

Re: P2000 G3 not being recognized

Hi Herbert,


The reason you are not seeing the P2000 in ACU, is that P2000 is not based on Smart Array technology, like the MSA1500 was.  All the management for the P2000 is done through its web interface (the same where you created the volumes, etc). 


After that, those volumes should become directly visible in the (in case of Windows) Disk Manager..where you should be able to create partitions and format them..


I suggest you read through the user manuals, they will clear things up.  SMU User manual