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P2000 G3 trusted Vdisk after drives in LEFTOVR state.

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P2000 G3 trusted Vdisk after drives in LEFTOVR state.

Hi guys!
The scenario is a MSA P2000 G3 storage with one expansion enclosure. There's just one Vdisk (RAID 5) created with 15 drives and one hotspare. We had a power outage last night and the 5 drives in the expansion enclosure came up with LEFTOVR state and the Vdisk Offline with FAULT. The command "Trust Vdisk" was successfull and the Vdiks became Online. All host seems to work fine accessing the volumes located at the storage.
Well, the CLI reference guide says that a trusted Vdisk MUST be deleted after backup the data, and therefore recreated from the beginning, because " the Vdisk has no tolerance for any additional failure". Can anybody please explain exactly what does it means? This is really mandatory? Does it means that now we have no redundancy in case of a future failed drive?

Thanks in advance,