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P2000 Leftover Disk recovery.

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P2000 Leftover Disk recovery.

I have a P2000 G3 with a D2700 attached. They experienced a power failure. Now the disks in the D2700 are marked as leftover and the vDisks are in a failed state.


I have tried a proper start up and restart for the configuration to no avail.

Additionally i cleared the metadata on a couple of disks that were part of a empty vDisk and was able to recreate the vdisk of course it is now empty.


Is there a way to recover the data? I do not want to have to clear the metadata on the  remaining disks and recreate the vdisk if possible. It would be a lot to restore.





Johan Guldmyr
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Re: P2000 Leftover Disk recovery.



one idea is to read the logs and see if maybe there is something else going on.
Link problem to the D2700 maybe? Or something like that?

Maybe this way it might be possible to get the data back.

Gotten in touch with HP support?

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Re: P2000 Leftover Disk recovery.

I contacted HP and they had me reseed controllers and drives. (This had no effect.) they also reviewed the logs.  they are escalating it but they won't get back with me till Monday. If i clear the metadata, i can then delete the vdisk and recreate it  and it works fine but i am stuck restoring. was hoping for a better route before i had to restore 6tb of data.


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Re: P2000 Leftover Disk recovery.

Elevated support got back with me before Monday. Here is what they had me do. This worked.


1. Establish a Telnet CLI session to the management controllers.

2. Enable trust:


#trust enable


3. Run the trust command on the affected vdisk:


#trust vdisk Vdiskname


4. Once the vdisk is back online, perform an immediate backup of the data. The vdisk shouldn't be put under production at this point.


5. Perform steps 3 to 5 for any other vdisks.




6. Once the backup is complete, delete the vdisks and update the firmware on the P2000fc G3  controllers. version # TS201P007.



Here's an explanation as to why you must delete the vdisks once the backup is complete:


"The trust command re-synchronizes the time and date stamp and any other metadata on a bad disk drive. This makes the disk drive an active member of the virtual disk again.


Using a trusted virtual disk is only a disaster-recovery measure; the virtual disk has no tolerance for any additional failures."


7. Upgrade the firmware on the D2700 disk enclosure. new revision # 0103. 

8. Recreate the vdisks and restore the data from backup.


9. Once the restore is complete, the vdisks may now be put under production.