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P2000 MSA problem

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P2000 MSA problem

I have 3 enclosures. 1 and 2 have 12 slots and the third has 25. I have a warning saying enclosure 2 is degraded.. A subcomponent of this component is unhealthy. At the bottom where it lists the subcomponent that is unhealthy, it says component type: disk, component ID 3.20. 

This makes no sense. Based on that ID, the warning should mean enclosure 3 disk 20 has the problem. As I mentioned, enclosure 2 only has 12 slots and enclosure 3 has 25. That said, I checked disk 3.20 on enclosure 3 and it shows as helathy. All disks on all enclosures show as healthy in fact. 

Any ideas how I might clear that warning or anything else I can do to pin down what is actually going on? I ran the CLI command "clear events". It cleared everything except that warning. 


Re: P2000 MSA problem


Could you share the event ID for the message which lists the sub-component as un healthy.

In terms of number 3.20, well that numbers refers to the current drawn from the a/c source when the MSA is functional, see below:

Input power requirements (typical-running I/O) SFF/LFF arrays
  • 110 V ac 3.20 A, 343 W
  • 220 V ac 1.67 A, 337 W

 It may be a good idea to check the Power supplies of enclosure 2.

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