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P2000 - Remove old LUN ID

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P2000 - Remove old LUN ID



I have a P2000 with a D2600 Storage Array attached. I created a Vdisk and Volume on the D2600 and gave the LUN ID of 30.

I then ne

eded to delete this and recreated the Vdisk and Volume and gave a LUN ID of 31.


Now in Vsphere when i choose to add a hard disk and use Raw Device mapping it shows both LUN 30 and LUN 31 as options to map to even though i removed LUN 30.


I find anywhere on the Storage Management Utility how to remove the old LUN ID. It still seems to be presenting it ><
In fact i can't see anywhere on the Storage management utility that even mentions luns. Does anyone know how i can remove this record of LUN 30?




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Re: P2000 - Remove old LUN ID

Oh please ignore I am an idiot. It was being cached at the Vsphere end. I removed the drive rescanned in the storage section and then tried to re-add a raw drive via hard disk and now it only shows the one LUN. Sorry for wasting anyones time.