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P2000 Replication

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P2000 Replication

Hi :


I have two HP 2000 with 2 controller to 10gb, I read in some manual that only combo controller can made remote replication, some one can clarify my head.






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Re: P2000 Replication

I understand you have two P2000 G3 array and both controllers having 10GB iSCSI port. Yes you can configure remote replication between them as well. Remote replication between two P2000 G3 box not limited to only Combo controllers. It can be FC or iSCSI or Combo but not for SAS model as SAS models cannot communicate one to another one, they have a host SAS connection only.


FC or iSCSI implementation depends upon the distance between the arrays means cost factor. Deployments include:
•Across geographic distance over Ethernet
•Across “campuses”over FC


Please refer the following to get more information,

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Re: P2000 Replication



After the initial replication between the two storage array, what should the user do make it manualy or automaticaly to schedule the replication ???

Re: P2000 Replication

That depends upon customer's choice whether they want to do replication manually or automatically. Just refer to Remote snap technical Cookbook and page 32 to get the procedure of how to do that.