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P2000 Reset Password

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P2000 Reset Password

Is there a password lockout period which might lock me out of my P2000 after a certain number of failed attempts. Seems no matter what I try I am getting the "Unable to Authenticate Login, Try again" message.


I'm trying a password for the built in "manage" account which was working last week, but now after a power outage is no longer working for me. The default "!manage" password doesn't fare any better.


Is there any way of resetting this via console or other?


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: P2000 Reset Password


if you can get access to the console, try restarting the mc (management controller). It may be so that you can get in after that.

There should definitely be a way to reset the password via CLI too, there are CLI guides that can tell you, or when you get into the CLI you can use the command 'help' (I think) to find out more.