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P2000 Storage Management Utility - no access

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P2000 Storage Management Utility - no access

I have not got access to SMU for some time. When I try to log in, I have the "The system is currently unavaiable" message right away
The matrix and disks are working properly only I can not manage it.

The attempt to restart the controller did not work :(

Any tips, tips, suggestions?
How can I get into management?
Help me.


Re: P2000 Storage Management Utility - no access


Do you have CLI access? If you do can you check the following.

1. Network settings for the MC on both controllers. Verify that these IP addresses are not also being used by any other device on your system. Reset the IP addresses if necessary.

2. What version of firmware is running on the P2000? There are some versions of firmware that have fixes to improve the robustness of SMU. If you are not on the latest version you could be hitting a known issue corrected by new firmware.

3. Do you have certain protocols configured or disabled on the array that are conflicting with your network settings? Please check FTP, telnet, etc.

4. Do you have debug enabled on the array? If you do please disable debugging as this setting is to be used by HPE Support for troubleshooting but can cause the Management Controller to become very busy and not respond well to SMU logins.


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