P2000 capacity

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P2000 capacity

Hi I have a P2000 with expansion unit. a total of 24 600gb disks n the system I have two vdisks created each at 5.4tb. Can I use all 5.4 TB or is there a performance hi if I fill them all up. By use I mean create volumes that occupy all of the 5.4TB. Not that all of the volumes are 100% full. My thinking is if Imanage the volumes and don't let them completely fill up I hsould be able to create volumes on all 5.4TB in each vdisk??? Thanks, John.


Re: P2000 capacity

Then what about snapshot, Volume Copy and Snap Pool.

The first time a snapshot is created of a standard volume, the volume is converted to a master volume and a snap pool is created in the volume’s vdisk. The snap pool’s size is either 20% of the volume size or the minimum snap-pool size, whichever is larger. Before creating or scheduling snapshots, verify that the vdisk has enough free space to contain the snap pool.

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