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P2000 combo FC/iSCSI Multipath on Linux

Nicola Gorghetto
Occasional Contributor

P2000 combo FC/iSCSI Multipath on Linux

Hello, I've an HP p2000 iscsi/fc combo connected with iscsi with two HP dl180 with two dedicated nics per server. The san has 8 disks in raid 50.
I've configured the san with two different subnets for multipath, but I think it use only one path even if I can see traffic on both nics.

This is the san configuration:
A3  -> switch1
A4  -> switch2
B3  -> switch2
B4  -> switch1

Server1 can communicate with A3 and B4 ports by switch 1
Server2 can communicate with A4 and B3 ports by switch 2

I've configured multipath with:
path_grouping_policy multibus
failback immediate
rr_weight uniform
rr_min_io 10
path_checker tur
prio_callout "alua"
path_selector "round robin 0"


I can see one device with two path, traffic is distribuited on both nics, but max read speed is 100MB/s, write speed 70MB/s, read and write 40MB/s. If i disable one nic, i have same performance.
Seems that the san use only one path.
Someone has a working configuration on linux?