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P2000 high disk read\write speed required

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P2000 high disk read\write speed required



I’m looking for a storage solution us use as my netbackup media server deduplication pool.

I was thinking about using the HP P2000.  I have a HP DL380 G7 with plenty of memory and processing power so this isn’t a problem.


The storage for the deduplication needs to have a minimum disk read\write speed of 130 MB/Sec, so I want it to be at least 200 MB/sec.


For this environment I need about 18TB of raw storage presented to the server, which needs to be a single logical drive (Netbackup uses a single drive on the server as the deduplication storage destination)  The only way it seems I can achieve this amount of space is by using 2TB drives at 7.2K. 


I’m not sure this is going to give me the disk read\write speed I’m after.


I then decided that using two disk shelves with smaller faster disks would be the answer.  This however causes me more problems because the maximum amount of disks I can use in a RAID 5 configuration on the P2000 is 16 disks, which then doesn’t meet my storage needs.  


Can anyone tell me what sort of read\write speed I would get from 11 LFF disks at 7.2 each in a RAID 5 configuration? (A single shelf can is 12LFF disks so I’d have RAID 5 across 11 and one hot spare)


Could anyone suggest a good workaround for my storage and performance requirements?


Many thanks

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: P2000 high disk read\write speed required

You could also stripe two LUNs on the server.

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Re: P2000 high disk read\write speed required

Thanks for the response.


I read that it’s best not to stripe volumes in windows for performance, although I can’t quite remember where L

However, I’ve worked out that my storage capacity needs can be reduced to about 11TB which should help things a little.


Because my storage capacity needs have changed, which disks and raid configuration should I go for in the P2000 (either in a single shelf or two shelf setup) in order to achieve the read\write speed I’m after?


And bearing in mind what I mentioned above - I need to present this to the server as a single volume


Thanks again