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P2000 recovery problem

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P2000 recovery problem


after a controller of a P2000 storage failed, we aquired a new controller which has a slightly newer firmware than remaining controller has. The partner firmware upgrade fails which results in the problem that the replaced controller is shut down and the storage remains degraded.

I am trying to find the firmware T230P03 which comes with the bundle TS230P006 for a couple of hours now but without any success. I plan to downgrade the new controller, get the storage up and running again and then upgrade both controllers to the latest firmware. Unfortunately I am not able to find the bundle TS230P006 at all. The HPE homepage is not of any help.

Does one of you guys have any idea where to find this particular firmare to be downloaded?

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Re: P2000 recovery problem

Here is the list


Maybe the version you are looking for was bad, hance not in the list.

Disable PFU and insert the new controller. What is the version?


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Version:TS252P001 (1 Mar 2016)
Version:TS252R007 (3 Jun 2015)
Version:TS251P006-02 (9 Sep 2014)
Version:TS230P008 (B) (15 Aug 2014)
Version:TS250P003 (A) (15 Aug 2014)
Version:TS251P005 (17 Jul 2014)
Version:TS251P004-02 (18 Jun 2014)
Version:TS251P003-02 (11 Jun 2014)
Version:TS251R004 (17 Mar 2014)
Version:TS250P003 (2 Oct 2013)
Version:TS250P002 (12 Jul 2013)
Version:TS250R023 (5 Apr 2013)
Version:TS240P004-02 (2 Nov 2012)
Version:TS240P003 (13 Jul 2012)
Version:TS230P008 (A) (6 Jul 2012)
Version:TS240P001 (4 Jun 2012)
Version:TS230P008 (22 Nov 2011)
Version:TS201P007 (16 Feb 2011)
Version:TS201P004 (13 Jan 2011)
Version:TS201R015 (22 Nov 2010)
Version:TS201R014 (15 Sep 2010)
Version:TS200R021 (18 Jun 2010)

Hope this helps!

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