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P2000 vs P4000 SAN ISCSI VS Fibre

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P2000 vs P4000 SAN ISCSI VS Fibre

Hi Guys


I need some assistance.


We are an outsourced IT support company who supply Virtualisation platforms based on Hyper V and VMWare.


At the moment we roll out P4500 ISCSI sans using HP 2910 switches and multipath the data for HA.


I have a customer looking at buying a P2000 Fibre SAN with HA using 2 switches ETC for HA.


My question is what would be the speed difference if the customer is using Fibre Channel to the san using dual routes as oppose to using 2 x 1gb/s fibre through ISCSI switches.


The customer will only be using around 5 guest servers sitting on 2 hosts initially on DL380 G7 servers and VMWare Vsphere Essentials Plus.


any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks