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P2000G3 Controller Owner Bug !

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P2000G3 Controller Owner Bug !

hi, im doing the setup of a P2000G3 on a C7000G2 Enclosure.

the P2000G3 is not allowing any traffic and will block IO IF a VDISK is set to owner A .

if i remove phisicaly Owner B from the enclosure , Data will continue to flow and i will see on the management utility

Current Owner A

Preferred Owner B

if with the owner B remove i switch preffered to Owner A , data will stop passing... but it was already to owner A when fail over occured !  if i switch preffered To owner B even if slot of Owner B is emtpy it work again !

i swapped the P2000g3 enclosure for a spair one, i tested 4x differents P2000g3 sas controllers.

i tester in a proliant dl385g7 server outside the c7000 environnement to test.


its all fresh install last firmware and last updates windows server 2012 r2.

i never seen such a issue i cant fix my self for over 14 days now.


plz helppp :(