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P2000G3 Dual Controller failover not working

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P2000G3 Dual Controller failover not working

hi all

 my P2000FC Dual controller having 1 vdisk and 2 volumes.Recently Controller A failed and Controller B Did not take vdisk ownership autometically and i can not access vdisk,from web UI non of the  HDD shown.after removeing  the failed Controller A from the enclosure, Controller B become vdisk owner and i can access the vdisk.

My question is why Controller B did not take vdisk ownership once Controller A failed?if i need to change vdisk ownership mannuly then what is the benifit of Dual controller?is there any configuration is require for atuometic Controller failover?


Dambar B Katwal

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Re: P2000G3 Dual Controller failover not working

IMHO the "failed" controller was not really dead, but blocked the other controller. Could be an issue of old firmware ...

Hope this helps!

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