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Problem installing MSA1000 dual controller on DL580 & SUSE

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Problem installing MSA1000 dual controller on DL580 & SUSE

I'm installing a brand new configuration:

MSA1000 (f/w=4.48, 2*FCSW 2/8)

2 * DL580 G3 (4 CPU, 10GB RAM, 2 HBA FCA2214)

1) Booting the SmartStart can't see the MSA1000, just the internal SA6i

2) ORCA can see only the integrated controller.

3) Booting the MSA Support Software CD (linux) ,after the message announcing the startup of the ACU, I only get a short message:
ACU-XE terminated
Rebooting Server

I've configured the LUNs by using the CLI without any problem. But, when I boot the servers to install SUSE, I "sometimes" see the uits and "sosmetimes" don't. It's not consistent at all.

I've try with just 2GB of RAM.
I've try using the PCI-X/100 instead the PCI-X/133 slots.
I've try using a single path / single controller.
The HBAs always stablish the link with the FCSW when a driver is loaded, but most od the times don't see the MSA.

The connections are correct in the MSA. I use profile = Linux.

I attach the show tech_support from the MSA.

Any hint will be very welcome !!