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Problems Expanding an MSA1000

Diane Barner
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Problems Expanding an MSA1000

I have an MSA1000 connected via fiber to 2 DL380G3 and 2DL380G5 servers. The MSA1000 was originally configured with 7 300GB drives in 2 arrays. Recently 7 more 300GB drives were added, from the 7 new drives a new array, (C), was created using 3 of the drives. The other 4 drives were added to the existing array (B). Since the addition, array (B) has been going through capacity expansion. It has been 2 days and it is still working on the 2nd logical drive on the array and there is still a 3rd logical drive to go.

I was able create a 4th logical drive on array (B) but it is not available because of the capacity exansion process that is running. I still need to increase the size of one of the existing logical drives on array (B) but I also can't do that until the capacity expansion process is complete.

My question is - how long should I wait for the capacity expansion process to complete? I've done this before and it did not take this long. I am worried that there is a problem but I can't identify one even after reviewing the event logs on the servers attached to the MSA1000.

Any help in resolving this is greatly appreciated.

Paul .
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Re: Problems Expanding an MSA1000

Wow - this brings back memories.

Simply put, the MSA1000 controller, regardless of firmware, handles expansion operations of ARRAYS and virtual disks at below average speeds.

The more vDisks you have, the longer it will take.