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Re: Problems launching Sansurfer Express

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Problems launching Sansurfer Express

I have two DL380 G5's with 2 HBA's each, connecting into an MSA 1000, redundant fibre switches, active/active controllers etc.

After putting on the HP MPIO software, I now can't launch Sansurfer - on either machine. It gets to the splash screen and then dies.

I get 3 eventvwr messages saying:
QLogic SANsurfer VDS App Error:IVdsLunMpio GetSupportedLbPolicies Error:- interface is not supported!

then i get a faulting application QLogicVDSApp.exe version faulting module unknown error.

Everything otherwise seems to be working fine, although I have been confused in general with the general lack of documentation..

If anyone has come across this before and could help I would very grateful.

John Gilbert_6
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Re: Problems launching Sansurfer Express

Two things I would check:

One - which MPIO software did you install since there are a few flavours? What was on before, if any?

Two - Does SANSurfer Express support two HBAs? Does it work if you pull the cable on one of the servers?