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Problems with Configuration of Hp MSA Storage

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Problems with Configuration of Hp MSA Storage

hi guys,

I am currently configuring a server environment consisting of: 2 Hyper-V servers (physical), both of which should have stored the VMS on the MSA storage. So that if one machine fails, the other takes over.  Furthermore, 2 ADC servers are added, one of them is physically the other should be virtual on storage.  The 2 Hyper-V servers are already installed and configured (HyperV 2016 Core Version).Both servers are connected to the storage via multimode fiber cable.

Now my problem is the following, I have already read on several pages how to configure this theoretically, unfortunately none of them has helped me so far. like for example plug the laptop to the config port of the storage and access the management interface via or 2 in the browser. etc.... 

I attached the Back view of the Storage so you see what is connected. 

Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks :)

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Re: Problems with Configuration of Hp MSA Storage

Download the MSA USB2Serial Driver for your Laptop.

HP StorageWorks P2000 MSA USB Driver (x64)

Now connect your Laptop with an USB Cable to the Port "CLI".

Your Device Manager show a new Serial Device COMx.

Open a Serial Connection to the MSA with COMx by using: 115200, 8, N, 1, N

Login and use:

show network-parameters

set network-parameters ip netmask gateway controller a


I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Re: Problems with Configuration of Hp MSA Storage

hi, already tried something similar, unfortunately the credentials were not the default. so I had to do a factoryreset first, then connected via usb and in my case opened via putty com3 with 9600 and assigned the interface address. Thank you for your answer!