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Proliant DL 380 and MSA 2000

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Proliant DL 380 and MSA 2000

Hello Gurus,

In my company I have the following hardware setup:
2 servers HP dl380 G5 5160 (P/N 458562-b21) each server is equipped with a HP StorageWorks 81Q PCI-e FC HBA (AK344A). These boards are connected on a HP 2012fc DC Modular Smart Array (AJ743A).

On the servers I installed the RedHat ES 5.1 kernel 2.6.18-53.el5, the Proliant support pack 8.11 and also the hp_sansurfer-5.0.0b32-1

Reading the HP docs I saw that first you have to configure the IPs for the MSA (using a VT terminal) and then you can use a web interface supplied by the SMU for the others parameters regarding the storage. Using a serial connection I can see the MSA took two addresses of the network (one for each controller).

The problem is that I don’t understand how I can connect on the storage using these addresses: in my servers I have only the “real” network adapters eth0..4.

Do I have to configure my fibre channel boards with an address in the pool in order to reach the MSA through this network ? If yes how? If not how can I configure the storage?

I tried to use the SANsurfer tool but with no luck…I’m not able to see anything with this software.

Many thanks,
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Proliant DL 380 and MSA 2000

> I can see the MSA took two addresses

Those are the addresses of the LAN management ports. The Fibre Channel host ports for data traffic do not use IP.

I guess that your SANsurfer installation is suitable to manage the 81Q Fibre Channel adapters, but the software cannot manager the MSA.