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Proliant DL360, E500 and MSA2000 Enclosure

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Proliant DL360, E500 and MSA2000 Enclosure

Helllo Guys,

is the following configuration possible to work:

Hp ProLiant DL360R05 E4504

HerstellerNr. 457916-421

Smart Array Controller E500 + BBWC Upgrade

HerstellerNr. 435129-B21

HerstellerNr. 383280-B21

Kabel SAS to Mini SAS 4x 1m

HerstellerNr. 419570-B21

Hp StoreageWorks MSA2000 Single I/O

Enclosure für 12 Festplatten

HerstellerNr. AJ749A

2x HP HDD 500GB SATA 7.200rpm

für MSA 2000

HerstellerNr. J9029A

We have connected the msa200 enclosure on the SAS expansion in port (left port) with the sas cable to the first sas port of the e500 smart array controller. Server and e500 have the actually firmwares. the server boots from the integrated e200i and two sas discs (RAID1) which have the OS.
when we start the server the e500 tried to initiliaze the msa-discs but after a while it stops with 1785: array is not configured.
the acu didn´t see the discs.

is this configuration possible, if yes want can we do that it will be work.